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Nutritious and Appealing Complete Meals

Since 1991 CHEF FOR HIRE has provided complete regulatory complaint meals to child care and adult care facilities and programs.

Our certified Chefs and Registered Dieticians develop complete meal programs that are nutritious and appealing.

Beginning in 2017 CHEF FOR HIRE will offer a line of Therapeutic complete meals.

The complete meals are designed for adults on special diets due to medical conditions or adults just released form the hospital and require a temporary special diet.

The categories of therapeutic diets are as follows:

Heart Healthy
Low Sodium


CAFE is our bulk hot and cold meals delivered daily, on-time to your facility. Flexible menus are prepared in our state of the art kitchen by one of our Executive Chefs. Using the latest cooking techniques and highest quality products, each item is painstakingly prepared to exacting standards. Components are then portioned into pans, securely wrapped and then shipped in thermal controlled containers to your facility. The CAFE product gives you the flexibility to control portions for your clients as well as food likes and dislikes.


Our founder, Monty, created HOME DELIVERED MEALS in response to requests from our customers. They wanted a meal that could be delivered either hot or frozen. Our company was the first in the state to produce and deliver portioned oven-ready meals. All meals meet the latest DRIs for Indiana and come to you either fresh or frozen. These meals are designed to be nutritious, vibrant, and tasty as well. This program gives you the flexibility to match not only meals to specific clients, but also to various delivery options as well. HOME DELIVERED MEALS are available for purchase as individual meals, 2-packs, or 5-packs. We can also custom design a multi-pack meal for your program as well.

On Tray Meals

Kitchen Equipment

Home Delivered Meals and Medicaid Waiver Delivery

Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals delivers a two-week supply of HOME DELIVERED MEALS to your door based on your level of qualification via our own delivery trucks or UPS™ depending on your location in the state of Indiana. Once you select Chef for hire as your provider we will notify you of your delivery day and method of delivery.

Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals Delivery Drivers (Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas)

Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals personnel will make every attempt to deliver your meals on the day you are scheduled. If you are not home, we will leave your meals if you provide a cooler to safely store your meals until you arrive home. If you miss your delivery, please call Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals to reschedule, otherwise Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals will not attempt redelivery until your next scheduled day.

Food in Trays for Packaging

Clients Delivered Via a Shipping Courier

Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals ships all packages via a Shipping Courier. All packages are shipped to the customer under ‘Shipper Release’. This is the process that allows a Shipping Courier to leave your package at your doorstep without obtaining a signature from you. Once the package has been left at your door, it is your responsibility. If for some reason this does not work for you and you would rather sign for your delivery, please feel free to call Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals and let them know you intend to sign for your delivery. If you choose the ‘Shipper Required’ option, Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals cannot be responsible for your food’s freshness if you are not home at the time of delivery and a Shipping Courier must deliver your food the next business day.

Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals products delivered by a Shipping Courier are perishable and should be refrigerated no later than the night of delivery. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond Chef for Hires Home Delivered Meals control, the Shipping Courier may not deliver packages on time and/or packages may get damaged during transit. We make all efforts to securely package our meals with sufficient amounts of gel packs in Styrofoam coolers. Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals can only guarantee that packages will be shipped out on time and in excellent condition. Tracking numbers are available for every shipment we send out. However, we cannot be responsible for the delivery service failures on the part of the Shipping Courier. In the rare event that the Shipping Courier fails to deliver a package on time or damages the package during transit, Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals cannot be held liable. In the event of the delivery failures due to weather conditions, no claims can be made, either to Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals or a Shipping Courier. Similarly, any claim for a lost, stolen, missing, and/or damaged shipment is against the Shipping Courier and is NOT the responsibility of Chef for Hire Home Delivered Meals, its officers, members, or employees.